Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes I'm Redundantly Repetitive

I must admit that often in the past I have attempted to keep a journal, and in one or two cases, a blog like this. But, typically what happens is I write two or three entries for a few days, and then a year goes by before I go back. And by that point, the whole purpose of the journal or blog has sort of lost it's luster. Hopefully, this time around, I can change that. I'll start with a response to Liza's post about the 6-word memoir:

-Tomorrow seems distant, but getting closer.
-I'm glad I don't laugh less.
-True love sure does change things.
-But in the greatest possible way.
-Ice cold beer is simple perfection.
-I'm pretty terrible at making plans.
-What is better than the lake?
-I stress about stupid, meaningless crap.
-April 20th is not a holiday.
-My mom makes life really fun.
-My dad puts things in perspective.
-My sister is just too nice.
-I wish I could cook more.
-Contradiction is a part of life.
-I'm pretty simple, yet extraordinarily complex.

There is no deeply inspirational reason for this blog...In fact, there's really no reason at all. I read Liza's blog, Pillow Book, from time to time and in a recent post she made a list of "Awesome" things in life. One of those was feeling inspired to write...One that I definitely have to agree with. I feel inspired to write a lot, but my problem is I don't always know exactly what it is that I feel inspired to write about. Which, now that I think about, isn't really inspiration at all. It might simply be boredom. But, in any respect, I've decided to start this blog as a place to record my thoughts on life, to recount funny stories and interactions that I encounter on a daily basis (trust me, there's a ton of these), give my commentary on the goings-on in the sports world (Adrienne will likely skip those), and, if you are lucky, I may give advice, a la "Dear Abby." Because, according to Adrienne, I'm a know-it-all. I disagree...Although my knowledge of airline color-schemes and flight schedules is extremely impressive.

I have an idea for a short story I may serialize as well. Okay, I lied...I don't really have an idea for a short story. But it is something I've always wanted to do. Besides, as I already said, I tend to begin writing without inspiration and without an idea...I tend to discover a writing while simultaneously creating. Probably why my writing is typically shallow and chock full of repetition or discrepancies. If you had seen any of the term papers or book reviews I wrote in college, my world-class BS'ing skills would have been on full display. I am not bragging when I say it's truly impressive.

So basically, this blog will simply be a place for you to come and waste 5 or 10 minutes of your day on reading nonsensical and pointless balderdash. I've always wanted to use the word "balderdash" in a sentence.

I hope you enjoy reading...Any comments, suggestions, or heartless criticisms are welcomed.


  1. Yay for blogging! I like it. Glad your doing it. I'm pretty sure you'll find it addicting, somewhat like a job, and a release of sorts. Have fun!

  2. Well, I am impressed. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Now that you have known the Turners for over a year, you probably have some pretty good material to use.

  3. I am super impressed!
    Enjoyed reading it and it made me SMILE. Not a waste of reading time at all, look forward to more. Carolyn Lee